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Eggshell Cello Case 碳纖維大提琴盒

It's a tale of economical ultra lightness--By naming these cases “Eggshell”, the structural strength of this natural creation is appreciated. The elegance and delicacy in their streamlined appearance, as well as the possibility of individualizing your own matte color design, make them also a delight to the eyes.


Eggshell 碳纖維大提琴琴盒——經濟實用,極緻輕身;看似輕薄脆弱,實則堅固非常。流綫型外殼造型精緻流暢,更可訂製屬於你個人獨一無二的啞光顔色組合。 

Eggshell 碳纖維大提琴盒系列: 

 - Feather 3.5kg / Air 2.4kg 

 - Roomy 3.6kg / 2.6kg (適用於Montagnana cello)

尺寸: 4/4

顏色: 12種顏色選擇,單色/雙色自由配搭

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