Eggshell Cello Case 

It is the most economic cello case in worldwide! Ultralight & slim with affordable price!

"Feather" Model -3.5kg

"Air" Model - 2.4kg 

Size: 4/4 

Material: Carbon fibre

Colour: 12 colours available - pre-order upon request

In stock:

Eggshell Air 2.4 - Yello & Grey Silver (4/4)

​Eggshell Feather 3.5 - Silver (4/4), Blue (4/4), Black (4/4)

- Durable hard interior wall that reduces the accumulation of moisture
- Two bow holders, one pocket for accessories
- With removable cushions that better fit the shape of the instrument for enhanced safety
- Elastic band for scroll, neck strap with lock


- Two comfortable foam straps with security screw hooks

- Removable sheet music pocket at  the back

^ Eggshell provides ''Roomy'' model which can fit in bigger size cello eg.Montagnana


J.W. Eastman Cello Case

One of the ideal cello case for student players! 


Glass fiber with wheels - weight depends on size

K1 hybrid fiber - weight depends on size

Size: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4

Colour: 20+ colours: pre-order upon request

In stock:

Glass fiber - Navy blue (1/4)

K1 hybrid fiber - White (4/4)

Glass fiber features:


- Very strong and durable

- Easy mobility with built-in wheels and 2 convenient handles

- Waterproof seal of shell

K1 hybrid fiber features:


- Mix of Carbon fiber and glass fiber materials

- With lighter and stronger characteristic

- Waterproof seal of shell

Glass fiber & K1 hybrid fiber


- Two bow holders and one pocket for accessories

- Hygrometer for monitoring  the humidity

- Two straps for backpack carrying

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